WEL. Top 5 Secrets for Safe exercise during Covid 19

Staying active is a major key to being healthy during this pandemic. Adjustments across the industry have been made so gym enthusiasts can still get the benefits of working out.

In accordance with governmental orders and guidelines, many gyms have implemented extra precautions to help our communities stay safe and healthy. These include extensive cleaning protocols for proper disinfection, operation and maintenance, as well as adding additional procedures to achieve a new level of cleanliness.

When it comes to COVID-19, there are a lot of unknowns. We do know that the virus attacks vascular tissue throughout the body and causes ischemic issues and inflammation that destroy cells. We also know that the virus causes tissue damage and that the immune system can respond in a way that can cause cell damage to the entire body

Research of the most severe cases of COVID-19 have been linked to obesity and obesity related conditions, physical inactivity, older age, and respiratory system issues . Of course, the prevalence of diseases of inactivity, which include obesity and hypertension, will only worsen as people become less active due to stay at home rules, and a perceived reduction in opportunities to be physically active.

In 2020, this pandemic has led to an increased need for health coaches and exercise experts to create new and innovative ways for their clients to become more physically active than ever. This includes moving gym workouts to outdoors, virtual sessions, and encouraging to workout at home rather than peak times such as 5am or 5pm at the gym.

The health and wellness benefits of physical activity include improvements in physical and mental health, immune system response and inflammation and stress management are more important than ever. Try these 5 WEL. Secrets to improve your physical activities. Individuals who had COVID-19 should consult with a primary care physician to determine a safe return to exercise.

  1. Get exercise daily. Find ways to exercise at home or outside instead of a gym during peak hours.

  2. If a gym is your only option, find one that has stringent cleaning protocols. Your gym should have easy, readily available equipment disinfectant sprays and hand-sanitizing stations.

  3. Practice social distancing and wear a mask to help reduce spread. Avoid close contact when masking is not a viable option.

  4. Eat a diet rich in antioxidants and other nutrients to boost your immune system.

  5. Look at supplementing your diet with astaxanthin, a powerful natural antioxidant, more than 6000X more potent than Vitamin C